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We believe that careful management of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) issues is not only good business practice but also an essential part of delivering strong and sustainable returns for investors.

Therefore we aim to adopt the highest standards of business integrity and to ensure that sustainability and responsibility are considered at every stage of our business activities.

We lead by example by submitting ourselves to the same ESG approach as our portfolio companies.

Our Approach
We have embedded the identification, management and reporting of ESG issues in our processes to ensure that these priorities are fully integrated into our and our portfolio companies’ operations.

Before we make a new investment, we identify the relevant ESG issues and incorporate these into our investment analysis and decision-making process. By the time we invest, we have an ESG Plan that sets out the key risks and opportunities and how we will address them.

Once we have made an investment, we ensure that the ESG Plan is delivered by working with portfolio companies to set targets and measure performance against them. We put in place a reporting framework that enables us to provide our investors and other stakeholders with a clear picture of ESG performance.

This approach means that, when we come to sell an investment, we are able to demonstrate to the next owner the contribution that ESG management has made to the portfolio company’s performance.

Our ESG Committee is made up of Partners and other staff from across the firm. It meets regularly to review our own and our portfolio companies’ ESG performance. It is responsible for ensuring that our approach to ESG evolves to accommodate new challenges and standards as well as the needs of our investors.

To read Epiris’ ESG Policy, please click on the document below:

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