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In 2013 Epiris acquired audio mixing console manufacturer Allen & Heath from D&M Holdings. £43 million of equity and debt was provided by funds under the management of Epiris and Allen & Heath's management.

In 2014 we acquired two further complimentary audio mixing brands; Calrec for £14 million from D&M Holdings and DiGiCo from ISIS Equity Partners. These were then combined with Allen & Heath, creating one of the most dynamic groups in the professional audio industry.

In April 2015 the group was renamed Audiotonix. The individual businesses continue to operate under their existing brands.

Allen & Heath: Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Penryn, Cornwall, Allen & Heath designs and manufactures audio mixing consoles for live sound, such as concerts, theatres and houses of worship. With an experienced management team and an extensive global distribution network, the company holds a leading market position and has consistently achieved strong revenue growth for over twenty years.

Calrec: Established in 1964, Calrec designs and manufactures audio mixing consoles for use in the television and radio broadcast sector. A market leader in the UK, US and Japan, Calrec's products are primarily used for sports broadcasts and other live events. The company boasts an impressive client list of global broadcasters and outside broadcast companies, including Al Jazeera, the BBC, CBS, Gamecreek, NEP and Sky.

DiGiCo: Headquartered in Chessington, Surrey, DiGiCo designs and manufactures premium digital audio mixing consoles for live sound, theatre productions and broadcast applications as well as supplying interfacing for post-production and recording studios. The innovation and quality in DiGiCo's products means that they are used in some of the most demanding audio environments such as major international tours, the most recent World Cup and Olympics and the Grammys.

Our initial investment in the professional audio sector was the buyout of Allen & Heath in 2013. Part of our investment strategy when investing in Allen & Heath was to acquire additional businesses in the audio sector in order to create a larger group benefiting from scale economies. As global brands with reputations for innovation, quality and reliability, Audiotonix's three businesses fit perfectly into this investment thesis.

The combination with of the three businesses creates one of the most dynamic groups in the professional audio industry. Combining the creativity and experience of each business' R&D teams means the development of new products can be accelerated. We will preserve the distinctive brand identity and excellent customer relationships of each business and will continue to expand the group internationally.




Audio mixing console manufacturer



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