Owen Wilson - Partner

What’s your background? 
I have spent two decades in the private equity industry, firstly as a strategy consultant doing commercial due diligence projects, before moving to a private equity firm in 2005. I joined Epiris as an Investment Director in 2013.

What’s your role?
My job combines origination, where I focus on the financial services sector and on our debt restructuring strategy, as well as deal execution and portfolio management.

How has that changed since you joined?
I was recruited in 2013 to add firepower to the team. Such is the energy and pace of Epiris that during my first twelve months here we acquired ten companies and sold one. I was able quickly to gain experience and broaden my capability set. This in turn allowed me to take on more responsibility and in 2017 I was promoted to Investment Partner and then to Partner in 2018.

What do you like most about the job?
Epiris is an innovative and fast-growing business. This creates opportunities for everyone to step up in the deal arena, as well as to contribute to the firm’s overall development.

What’s it like to work at Epiris?
Epiris is dynamic and fast-moving. We work hard and everyone here is eager to be on the next deal. But the culture is down-to-earth and collaborative. That makes it a fun and enjoyable environment to be in every day.

What has the highlight of your Epiris career been?
In 2018 we started a new cycle of investment and I was genuinely struck by what an honour it is to meet passionate and knowledgeable teams with bold ideas when I made my first visit to Portals, the second-largest manufacturer of banknote substrate in the world. What we all do here is work with great management teams to create extraordinary businesses, and so it was with real excitement that, four months after that first visit and after working through the night, we bought the business.