Our Culture

Our primary goal is to build great companies that deliver outstanding returns for our investors. The organisational culture we have built to support this goal is built on values we share as a team. These frame the way we work internally and externally.

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A strong moral compass

We are guided by a strong moral compass within both our own business and the companies in which we invest.

We work by the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. More than that, we want to be proud of our businesses, of what they do and how they treat their people, their customers and suppliers and the world around them.


Energetic, enquiring, creative

We thrive on complex situations and on our mission to transform businesses.

To find the clarity and insight required for success, we must challenge constantly, think innovatively and push untiringly.

Straightforward, open, collaborative

We are straightforward and plain-talking.

We are honest about what we can achieve, and make sure we keep our promises. We work together as a group, with everyone encouraged to contribute. We take collective responsibility for our successes and failures and learn from them.

Epiris Our Culture Straightforward

Ambitious, rewarding, fun

We are ambitious for both our own business and the companies in which we invest.

To achieve those ambitions, we aim to build diverse and high-performance teams. To do so, we offer opportunities to learn, contribute, advance and earn financial rewards. We create an environment which is both demanding and fun in which we can grow the talent and leadership for our future.

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