Value at exit

Davies is a multi-award winning insurance claims service provider, delivering administration and specialist technical services to insurance intermediaries and carriers.

When we bought Davies in 2011 our strategy was to reposition the business by improving service quality and process efficiency through technology investment, and by broadening the service offering organically and through M&A.

Following an initial period of underperformance, we implemented an operational improvement programme and then resumed the growth strategy. We invested in technology to automate and centralise workflow, which in turn created a scaleable operating platform. We led seven add-on acquisitions between 2012 and 2016, adding scale and breadth to the business. This strategy repositioned Davies as an outsourcing partner to its customers.

We sold the business in 2017 to a US private equity fund.

“It has been great to work with Epiris to develop and transform the Davies business, It has been hard work, but I am very proud of the business that we have created with Epiris….” (Dan Saulter, CEO)


Insurance claims services

Entry date:
September 2011

Exit date:
January 2017

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